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Hi all hive friends

On this occasion I would like to join the hive platform but first allow me to introduce myself to all of my friends


Name : Irfan
Father : Sulaiman
Mother : Erna
My place of birth date is Lhokseumawe, Pusong Baru village

I created a hive account in the name of Stefan7 because the combined names of father and mother also have 7 siblings so it becomes Stefan7.

I first studied in my own village because my father lived in Pusong, then worked as a fisherman, then after graduating from elementary school, I stayed at the Syamsudhuha Islamic Boarding School in Cot Murong Village for three years.

Since I turned 22, I began to think about developing myself so that in the future I will start to move forward like all friends, so here I hope for friends who have been successful, I ask for guidance and support, I hope you like my presence.

That's just my first encounter, greetings and success to all from @stefan7


Your verification picture looks fake to me, as everything is blurred except the text which is clearly edited in. I have downvoted your post. If you can redo your verification picture I will remove it.

Welcome stefan7!
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Welcome to hive!

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You are welcome @stefan7! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!

Welcome to Hive! 😊