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Today's Actifit report is a kind of "reverse engineering" activity I guess. I noticed yesterday that @botefarm has been posting Actifit reports on and that frankly blew my mind because for months I've known @actifit to be an excluded tag for the POB token.

Maybe circumventing tags for token rewards is a major faux pas and just because another user is doing it doesn't prove it's ethical. Then again it used to be considered unethical for lawyers to advertise in America but try watching old episodes of I Dream of Jeannie on cable TV nowadays at 3 a.m. without seeing a DUI defense attorney's ad.

If I've figured out how @botefarm is doing this (uploading report and then editing the #actifit tag to a capital A afterward) and nobody minds I'll use this trick and resume to review those Isaac Arthur science videos from YouTube.

Or maybe a bunch of replies will warn me not to. In that case this was just an academic "proof of brain" cybersecurity test of its token type of thing.

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I guess it worked. Got to earn back those POB tokens I've been selling off to get OUTPOST for @memehive.

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Lol sneaky sneaky

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Oh my God, seriously, I don't know, I'm not an abuser of tags and doesn't support it.
I promise you that you won't see me do it again.
Thanks for pointing my attention to it.
I know some sadist here who would have flag my post and remove all the reward 6 days back to present.

I thought proofofbrain was a general purpose tag

I am sorry if I didn't state it well in the post. I was just really surprised such a thing was possible and questioning whether it was right or wrong in all cases to circumvent excluded tags. I've never seen any posts written about that. It seems like an interesting question about circumventing tags. Here in the United States under copyright law there are a few circumstances in which one can legally circumvent digital rights management. Is that analogous to circumventing excluded tags?

The point of my post was, "That is cool. Didn't know that was even possible. I'd like to do that. If I do that to review science videos from YouTube would that be a problem?"

I am certain like you is a general purpose tag but the SCOT settings have the exclusion tags for POB as #actifit, #steemhunt, #appics, #dlike, and #share2steem. Some of those are rather anachronistic for Hive such as #steemhunt. POB didn't migrate from Steemit to Hive so I am not sure why @proofofbrainio has those as exclude tags for POB. If it's due to those tags being only short form posts and @proofofbrainio wants to enourage longer format posts than shouldn't #dbuzz be excluded as a tag? There's nothing stopping a user from only making @dbuzz posts to so why exclude the #actifit tag?

@proofofbrainio, can you help us here? If your intention was a preemptive use of those tags to prevent short post abuse but @botefarm and others like myself don't abuse the tag are we justified in posting Actifit reports by circumventing the #actifit tag for POB reward?

If I've figured out how @botefarm is doing this (uploading report and then editing the #actifit tag to a capital A afterward) and nobody minds

No, I'm not trying to cheat the system by writing it in capital letter, my phone does that on its own. It's not a cheat code.

Sorry, didn't mean any offense. As far as I am concerned even if by unwitting accident that is an interesting hack. Some companies pay good money to have people try to exploit their systems to find vulnerabilities.