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RE: E-Sports: Finally!

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During the days I was ignorant about the potential of computer games, I really hate my sons "wasting" their money and time. During the pandemic, when I finally connected the dots between technology, finance, and entertainment, I realized that something big is taking place globally. Since then, I became the leader in the family in exploring NFT blockchain-based games. This month of October, there is a new E-Sports school that will be launched in our city. My second son is waiting for its opening for him to enroll the program.




That is really cool. Best of luck to him! Yeah, NFT/blockchain games still have a ways to go. There aren't that many of them that actually have a fully functional game or aren't just a clone of some other game. In time there will be a thriving market.

Yeah, I believe so. The fact that schools are being established shows that it is getting mainstream. I was also surprised to see our city mayor recruiting players from faith-based institutions to join some E-Sports competitions.

It's hard to motivate him to take other courses, but I think this time since it is his choice, he will take it seriously.