The immortality of hydra 😍😮

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We know that all living organisms were designed to be born, grow, reproduce, and eventually die, but there are animals that break this rule, let me introduce you to the hydra!


Many species of the animal kingdom present characteristics, of form or of conduct, amazing, showy, inexplicable; not so much, of course, as the particularity of the Hydra, a small freshwater animal that has the gift… of immortality. He is not a fantastic character, nor a theoretical speculation, he is a real animal, about 3 centimeters long, green and elongated, which, under the right conditions, can stretch its life in a seemingly endless way. As it does? Its main virtue is its regenerative capacity. The first to observe this remarkable condition was Professor Daniel Martínez, who kept and protected 60 specimens of Hydra in order to know in depth his life and the causes of his death. In the first four years none of his Hydras died. “For a creature the size of Hydra, the four-year non-mortality is significant because normally such small animals don't live that long. So basically, I was trying to prove that Hydras did age, and in the end I was convinced they didn't, ”Martinez explained.




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Damn, probably one of the most interesting courses someone can attend. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

thanks my friend!

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