How to take care of your brain

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How to take care of your brain


Surprisingly, the brain and our nervous system do not seem to age as quickly as other parts of our body, but when we lose neurons and different structures than we have in the brain due to damage or aging, we basically make the messages between neurons basically the operation from our thinking to brain level, it is slower and if we break the barrier that protects the brain called the blood-brain barrier because it separates the brain from the blood, we run the risk of accumulating a greater amount of substances in the brain, as happens for example in diseases such as Alzheimer's.

The formation of plaques in the brain typical of many Alzheimer's dementias but also many other dementias is considered by many specialists part of the functioning of our immune system that occurs when we release antimicrobial agents to deal with bacteria with fungi or viruses and that normally They should be undone, but during a lifetime they can accumulate over time and obviously begin because they are stuck in your nervous system to damage it and decrease our cognitive capacity because we are talking about slowing down neurons work and communication.

In addition to this mechanism and the fluctuations in blood glucose, that is, the rapid variations in blood sugar as it rises and falls in a short time also affect our nervous system by altering the functioning of your small blood vessels, you need blood, brain and oxygen a Determined pressure when this does not happen due to alterations in these blood vessels, over the years you will lead to a higher level of damage.

With all this I have to be scared, not in any way, what you have to understand are the basic mechanisms by which our brain is damaged, why our brain ages, mainly to keep these blood vessels healthy at the brain level, avoid alterations of pressure and blood sugar alterations can always help prevent this type of pathologies that I mentioned earlier and something as simple as maintaining a low glycemic index diet which basically means flattening the curve of blood sugar variations can help me greatly prevent these diseases and / or conditions.

I will be posting what foods are good for your brain and will avoid variations in blood pressure and sugar.


Hi @necho41, try to share just a post with the same information, insert the English translation into Spanish post.
Interesting article, for the future, try to include the sources you use.
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Thanks for the advice ... I'll take them into account from now on.

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