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Hello hivers, it a great Wednesday here and today I will be sharing what we did today in the mechatronics laboratory today because we talked about electrical components and the usefulness of each and every of the component made mention and the first component part which was said was the resistor and we were told that A resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element and we were also told that In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow,and will I say resist the flow of current, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages,and many more.


So we were taught on how to connect circuit using a system so we will be able to do it well physically, we were first shown the breadboard and the function of the breadboard is to connect our work down just like a rough sketch before taking what we connected to the vero board where soldering will take place. So in the circuit connection on the system, we made use of a 3v battery to power the connection and then we also made use of the switch which is used to control the power.


Also we made use of a led in the circuit connection, and also the resistor which resist the flow of current, so after making the connection and setting up everywhere we move to the next page on the system which is the schematic that is where we check if the connection of the circuit is correct so it will show green and if the circuit connection is not correct it will show red.


Them after that we move to the next page which is the PCB and that is where we detect if there is any wire crossing each other so this helps to tells us before production of the circuit connection.