The Descendants Leonardo da Vinci

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The Descendants Leonardo da Vinci


That we could discover if we had the genetic code of a renaissance genius like Leonardo da Vinci, there was something in his genes that made him special, Leonardo died childless, but this did not stop researchers Alessandro Vezzosi and Agnese Sabato from trying to answer those questions.

The key to achieving this was in the Y chromosome, which is transmitted to male descendants and remains almost unchanged throughout the generations, knowing this the researchers analyzed the traces of the entire family of the genius who had at least 22 half brothers and sisters.

They also went back to the known ancestors, managing to reconstruct 690 years of history and 21 generations of the Leonardo da Vinci lineage have come to find 14 living descendants of the artist, all this was not an easy task, it took the researchers ten years of work . but with this they hope to have the keys to answer the previous questions and others, such as, for example, what will be the origins of his parents, was Leonardo left-handed or suffered from synesthesia, which is a rare condition where the person who has it is capable of mixing the senses and sensations, such as seeing colors while listening to a song or appreciating flavors when someone speaks to you.

Obtaining the genetic material of a person from the past will be a new way of analyzing history, what do you think, imagine that one day some researchers come to your house and tell you that you are the living descendant of some historical character.

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