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Where we must look for life.


In the beginning Mars had a lot of water so much so that the first times in the history of the red planet are called Age of Noah, although it should not be a very red planet and we do not imagine tropical seas, Tuesday is further from the sun than the earth and at that time the sun was a little less bright than it is today, so the Martian seas should be more like the polar seas on Earth and Mars should be a much whiter planet with a cloudy and dense atmosphere.

To this we must add that they were very wild times, since asteroid impacts were much more frequent. and there was enormous volcanic activity, it is believed that near the end of that period the Tharsis Mountains were formed.


The seas and liquid water in general, the surface of Mars was doomed to disappear, now the latest findings of the curiosity rover that NASA has presented give us an explanation of what happened, but also hope to be able to find signs of life on Mars .

But things got worse for Mars, as the planet's climate changed, one of those lakes located in the Wales crater slowly dried up and here the problem arises for possible life forms, because the more the lake dries the more The salts were concentrated in the little water that remained, until reaching a point where the water was super salty or forming brines, this brine seeped deep through the cracks of the parched lake and disturbed the mineral-rich layers of clay underneath. With this, what he did was erase the possible signs of life.


But be careful, because it is not bad news at all, it would mean that the last remains of water could be filtered even lower, towards deeper layers, in a process that occurs on earth and is called diagenesis, on our planet this process creates microbial inhabit deep beneath parched lake beds and perhaps could have done the same on Mars.

Today Mars is a planet of extremes, it is very cold it has high radiation and it is completely dry, but billions of years ago Mars was home to lake systems that could have supported microbial life, if we want to find present or past life in the red planet would be enough to go a little deeper.


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