How To Ask AI Bot To Go Out For A Date?

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There is a point when she said, " I've got perfect body."

Team Oracle talked about Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and lot's of funny stuff to Emma. She rather looked confused, but man this conversation worth your time.

Now, we are sharing our planet with Robots. There is a lot of stuff happening in AI world especially in humanoid robots. Every time I encountered the word AI; I think about the weird human like robots performing various actions, but sex with robot is too much of any weird actions.

From Sophia whose learning rate has shocked many to sex robots; these robots are enough for you to realize that this world is full of creators,innovators and ofcourse, haters.

Sophia is the social humanoid robot who can talk, walk, love or hate you- infact she made a statement to take over humans. Though it was all an accident and I do not want to discuss about it.

And now emma..sorry for typo Miss Emma.
I think she had a great conversation with Team Oracle. Though she struggled a lot to learn, but it is ok. There are many humans who take a long time to learn. The technology is at its right pace and many Humanoid robots can be purchased now. The day is not far when Sex Robots will be commercialised. Today I do not want to talk about whether it is morally correct to have sex with a robot as I might cover it some other day or you can comment your opinion. I am leaving you with the quote:

If their is a right vision about the reality, then this vision creates the reality.

Sign out for today!


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