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Yesterday was the first day of students in the public school district where I work and to say I have been slammed would be an understatement. If you are looking at the photo above, you might be wondering what that is. With less than a week to go before school started, we took delivery of 700 Dell 3100 Chromebooks.

Chromebooks that needed to be unboxed, inventoried, enrolled, and distributed to students in less than a week. I think @iikrypticsii would be the first to tell you he was more than a little worried that the responsibility of doing all that was going to fall solely on him. Lucky for us, we were able to get some volunteers in to help out.


This is actually the largest quantity of Chromebooks we have ever received at one time. I think before this the biggest number was 400, so almost double our old record. It was thanks to the FCC (I guess they are good for something) that we got these Chromebooks. They have a federal grant program that awarded us 100% of the funds to pay for these devices.


After they were delivered on Tuesday of last week, we lined up some student helpers to move them all into the Media Center (library) outside my office. They completed the job in a couple of hours and I was really happy to get them out of the elements as it eventually started raining later that day.

Last Thursday at 9:00, I had five staff workers show up and about the same number of students to start the process of getting these machines ready to go. As I was taking care of other issues in the district, I gave them pretty much full autonomy to get things done.

The students focused on unboxing and the staff workers focused on inventory, enrollment, and distribution of the machines to the classrooms.

It took the students a good six or seven hours to unbox all of the machines. They did take a lunch break in the middle and their pace slowed down a little bit after the first couple of hours. I noticed that they were a bit more leisurely about how they opened the boxes. I don't really blame them though. There was a point where I helped out and opened about fifty of the boxes myself. Lead by example and all of that...


This is the aftermath of the chaos. I had asked that a custodian come part way through the day to help clear things out, but they must have not gotten the message, so it left a pretty daunting pile for them to tackle at the end of the day.


Some of the students did stay to help bag up the trash and load it up for the custodians. Meanwhile, the staff workers kept working until 5 that night to get the Chromebooks setup and delivered. I think 100 Chromebooks per hour is a pretty decent pace, they really busted their butts to get this done.


Looking at these pictures, it really reminds you just how much waste goes into packaging. The funny thing is, I am sure they have spent hours on this to minimize the waste, but it still feels like a ton. Especially when you see all of that cardboard piled up.


I have a feeling we probably filled all of the dumpsters out in the parking lot to the brim. Actually, I think they ran out of room because when I came back in on Friday morning there were still some bags and boxes stacked up that needed to be taken out. Chances are they just gave up because they were out of room and decided to wait until after the dumpsters got emptied.


As I said at the top, yesterday was the first day of school and all of our high school and middle school students were met with brand new shiny Chromebooks on their first day of class. What an accomplishment that we were able to have the ready to go and waiting for the students in just a couple of days time.

Now we see how many students manage to damage them within the first week. The good news is, we retrieved a lot of displays from our old models and we will be using those as spares since they are pretty universal. Broken screens are probably the most common "break/fix" repair that we have to deal with.

I am hoping we can make it at least a month before we have to deal with one of those, but I have my doubts. I've seen what these kids do to the machines and how they treat them. One year I got a Chromebook back that looked like it had been run over by a car. It was sad.

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All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced


oh wow, this is such a great post and youre right, packaging is crazy, at least most of this is paper, on the other side, I think they needed one big tree to produce all this paper :-D and all my listnerd vote power alread used up for today! Will have come back tomorrow

No worries. It just means you are upvoting other great stuff! Yeah, this was quite the undertaking!

What excellent news, the students must be very happy, the problem really is the packaging, the good thing is that it can be recycled, I congratulate you for such an excellent post.

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Wow, @bozz, what a project.
That is a crazy amount of computers.
Y'all did a great job getting them processed.


We are actually a pretty small district so it wasn't that many compared to some of my colleagues.

It's so amazing that huge donations as this are being received over there. Such donations are not common over here at all. I'm pretty sure the students will be really glad.

I think some of them will. Some of them probably won't even notice. The donation is cool, but the government is just pulling the money out of thin air I think. I like the tribal donations better. At least you know where that money is coming from!

This is my first time seeing a lot of chrome books stacked on top of a pallet. 🙂

This is probably the third delivery we have gotten just in the past year. It has been crazy!

I can't imagine myself doing the unpacking for that many units. 😁

I couldn't either which is why I got help! The worst part is the cardboard is sharp and you usually end up with so many cuts. Plus the cardboard also leeches the moisture from your hands so you end up with super dry cracked skin when you are finished.

I certainly don't also want that. 😁 A pair of gloves may prevent that but I think it maybe slippery.

700 in 2 days? That's amazing. It takes me an hour to unbox a new machine. Granted there is a whole lot that doesn't need repetition on the 2nd or the 698th, but that is incredible.

Thanks for sharing an extraordinary accomplishment.

Thanks, yeah, it was actually closer to one day because they decided to just stay and finish up after I had left for the day. So an hour or so to move them the first day and then a solid seven hours of work to do the rest the next day.

Hopefully donations such as this is fully respected and appreciated by the student recipients, to have so many new machines delivered is amazing.

@tipu curate

Stuff like this I don't think they get so much. We get some donations from the native american tribe up the road and I think those are more front and center for the students. We appreciate them though!

Our learners would be over the moon with a donation like this, sadly not everyone looks after and appreciates the full value of what people have donated not only in the hardware but unpacking, setup with all the bells and whistles.

Well done, perhaps boxes would be gratefully received by local Vet or animal society for using on floors as they do over here.

I guess I never would have thought of that for the boxes. They will likely just end up getting recycled I hope. We are pretty rural here, so we were kind of blessed to get the funding.

Funding like that is rare today, jackpot receiving so many. Also all the assistance received in unboxing setting a new record for yourselves, more rural more help not found in cities.

Wow!! That's an impressive record!!

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Wow! You got a lot done in a short period. 100 chrome books/hour is impressive. Thanks for sharing. Out of curiosity, any bad computers in the 700?

We had three that I am going to have to send back. Not too bad as far as I am concerned.

Awesome my friend great to get those tools to the students, we have moved on from pen and paper now !LOL 🤣
Wishing you all success
Thanks for sharing on Listnerds🤓

Well, not quite fully, but we are getting there. They still use the Chromebooks just as a web browser and not as the fully featured tool it could be.

Yeah i understand my son was given a laptop from his school for a little while it was OK a bit limited from what it could have been but i get why.
Good luck with the rest

I'd never have a Chromebook be my main machine, but they are so fast and inexpensive that it just makes sense. Plus Google makes it really easy to manage them from an IT standpoint. Much better than the crapshow that is Apple device management.

Yes i can imagine it will be better for the students.

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