How scary can life be

in DBuzzlast year

I woke up this morning and was about to step out of my room when saw something thin and long moving,i ran back to bed trying to find my phone so that i can use the touchlight to see whats moving but i couldnt locate it.
What came to my kind was that it was a snake in my room and i was like how do i kill a snake. No waepon no stick no cutlass, the only thing i have is my shoes and to crown it all,no electricity supply. I was still thinking on what to do when one of my girls entered into the room from their room and i noticed she walked over the suppose snake so i quickly grabbed her collected the touchlight and behold it was my belt that was onnthe floor. Picture attached below.

I panicked too much?
Well,it was dark and i always fear crawling animals.
Why didnt i ask my daughter to run back?
I didnt see her coming she didnt use the touchlight as she is used to all conners of the house.

I think i ll subcribe to solar light soonest to prevent such occurence again.
And application of anti-snake chemicals in the house,it could be a real snake next time.

Reason for being so panick is continuous toilet and snake relationships whichbhas created fear in many peoples mind.

Image attached was taken by me with my samsung galaxy A50
Thank you
Good morning