## Nice Dinner Béarnaise tenderloin, accompanied by truffled fries 💖 ...

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Nice Dinner

Béarnaise tenderloin, accompanied by truffled fries 💖 #stem #proofofbrain #vyb #palnet #neoxian #archon #bilpcoin #waivo #posh

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Tenderloin is my favorite meat. I really like to eat the tenderloin and french fries with a seed mustard dressing. I've never eaten anything with truffle before, but I definitely want to try it one day. I am very curious about the taste of truffle, especially when eating meat.

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Hello!! You have to try the fries with truffle oil, it's divine, I recommend it


Luce delicioso Felicidad

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Indeed! It is a nice dinner! Enjoy your meal 😆 🥦 !BBH 🥦

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