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Human Fetus Shop

“These documents show taxpayer money is being used to turn the University of Pittsburgh is a one-stop human fetal tissue shop – from procuring the tissue from elective abortions, ‘subdividing’ the human remains, to distributing and shipping the harvested tissue,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.


Tribune, World. 2021. “Documented: University of Pittsburgh Got Federal Funding for Fetal Tissue Hub.” World Tribune: U.S. Politics and Culture, Geopolitics, East Asia Intelligence, China, Geostrategy, Military, National Security, Corporate Watch, Media Watch, North Korea, Iran, Columnists: Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, John Metzler, Jeffrey Kuhner, John McNabb, Joe Schaeffer, Bill Juneau, Alexander Maistrovoy, Donald Kirk (blog). August 4, 2021. https://www.worldtribune.com/documented-university-of-pittsburgh-got-federal-funding-for-fetal-tissue-hub/.

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