Brian Beckman: Don't Fear The Monad This the best introduction to Monads I have co ...

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... me across. If you have any interest in functional programming, take a look. I'm very much a beginner who can hardly code anything. Yet I loved this


I have not started watching this lecture. There is no reason to think that it won't be at least as close to being as good as the previous lecture I shared. Take it slow, but do not give up on learning.

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If you want lighter educational content, I found this amazing meme based on one of my favorite meme templates. Have a great time!

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Wow! This one is so interesting. How I wish I am as skilled as him my friend. Heheh. Have a nice time!


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Such videos are more instructive than other videos.
Video concepts made with pencil or chalk on a white or blackboard 😅

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You are on the top of trending, and hard.

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I love that video. Cleared up so many things for me about functional programming.

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