Mina Protocol: ZK Privacy Had A Massive Bull Run Today About Mina Pr ...

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Mina Protocol: ZK Privacy Had A Massive Bull Run Today

About Mina Protocol+ zkApps


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Happy to see those green lines, people connected to Mina Protocol should be very happy.

If you like Mina Protocol, keep an eye on DarkFi. They are creating some of the greatest developments in ZK.

The way it is performing is very good for its users and holders because one waits for a long time to invest and then get it. The way the market is going up, if it continues like this, the hive will also show us a long-jump in the coming days.

On some YouTube channels I watched, there were those who said that this coin named Mina would gain a lot of value like the coin named Solana.
What do you think about it?

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MINA has powerful innovations backing the project. They are now one of the Top 100 cryptocurrency by marketcap. The amount of room it has left to grow is limited. Overall I am still very bullish about the project.


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Is there a testbet of this?

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Is there a testnet of this?

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