Recommend me some great Hive Engine tokens to buy and tell me why! I ...

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Recommend me some great Hive Engine tokens to buy and tell me why!

I want to invest some more Hive into more projects and communities.

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BRO, SIM, Leo for general users

BRO gives out divs from multiple token sources, a single bro gives you dividends on tokens its investing on.

SIM because you also get hive divs from either playing or just holding it from dcity game.

Leo by default cause that's what the kool kids are all holding.

I think I need some help with dcity. It seems a bit more number heavy and I dont think Im optimizing what I have lol.

BRO im very interested in and am starting yo delegate to brofi!

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The guides written for Dcity can be found on their info page on the website. Besides, you don't really need to "play" the game to get returns, you can just buy and hodl SIM from the market and it will pay out daily divs as long as your average SIM owned is 8000 for the past 30 days. Some people just play to maximize their gains. But if you don't like the long term planning and complicated numbers, hodl SIM. not a financial advice.

BRO is probably number in terms of token dividends. There's also DHEDGE and INDEX.

Leo is obviously the king. I also have a lot of SPT, but it's not worth anything. I think there's a chance it could be someday, though. I also have a good feeling based on no facts about the CINE token.

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Thank you! How do you feel about LEO vs. CUB? I would like to stay on HE tbh vs. these Binance bridges but im concerned that LEO wont hold value. But i might be way wrong. Im going to buy more LEO regardless I think!

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I'm going with both. The Leo that I earn from curating as @sharkleo, I stake to increase LeoPower. LeoFinance is still in its early stages even though it's a couple years old. I expect the value of Leo and Cub to both increase exponentially sometime in the near future. The Leo that I earn from delegating HP to @leo.voter, I'm saving up to eventually send over to BSC. I'm in a CUB-BUSD farm and I'm staking CUB in the den over there.

Thank you. Is it simple to get into Cub den/farms if you are in USA?

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Yeah, you just can't use or the Binance bridge for some reason. Everything else is fine. I use a combination of and the Trustwallet app to convert and send to BSC.

You should write a simple guide for USA peeps! If you do, could you please let me know?

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It may already exist, I'm not sure. I should look into it. I could make one if no one else has covered it.