Math mini-contest problem for Day 11 on D.Buzz 😎

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Math problem for Day 11 😎

In a horse race, holovision's intelligent camera counts horses with human riders. However, the camera malfunctioned, so it instead counted 170 feet and 50 heads, including horses without riders but not riders without horses. How many riders are there?

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Note that it should be assumed that horses have 4 feet and humans have 2 feet excluding mutations and amputations. πŸ˜…

There is not enough typing room for a 280-character buzz to include all details from all multiverses known to @holovision there. πŸ˜…

No solution as there is not enough information.

Question is too missing too much information: Feet exist on both Horses and Humans. We do not know if it only includes horses feet or just human feet. Also for each count by the machine, does a horse + rider count as 6 feet(both rider+horse), 4 feet (horse only) or 2 feet(rider).

The number of heads each human and horse has is in parity. The combination of horses and riders has to equal 50 but human quantity has to be a smaller number since the combination of human and horse feet is 170; horses have twice as many feet as humans and riders without horses don't count.

I am probably missing something though. Just like wild horses @savvyplayer seems to be trying to break my spirit by randomly invoking no solution problems. I want to believe there should always be an answer no matter how absurd the question seems.

Can't sleep even though I am tired.😩

I think @eturnerx-dbuzz is right. Replying for @ecency points. 😊 35 horses and 15 of those horses have riders.

Horses have 1 head each. Riders have 1 head each. At least that seems to be right in my fatigued state.

horses + riders = 50

Horses have 4 feet. Riders have 2 feet. Thankfully @savvyplayer clarified that since that's not true on every planet.

r + h = 50
2r + 4h = 170

2r + 4h =170
-2(r + h) = 2(50)

2h = 70 / 2 = 35 horses a.ka. 35 horse heads with 140 horse feet. 15 rider heads with 30 feet.

You just had a maximum of 5.00 #Ecency Points from making that comment! πŸ˜…

15 riders.

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Working here:
h + r = 50
4h + 2r = 170

35 + 15 = 50
140 + 30 = 160

I had guests so I plugged numbers in my head until it worked. 40/10 then 30/20 and then 35/15.

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Brute forcing felt weird. I did it once via h and then again via r as redemption.

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@holovision might want to recommend that you post your picture about your solution on the Hive Stock Images community. πŸ€”πŸ˜…

I'll look at this tomorrow if I have time to see if there's a solution. Or at least talk myself into believing there's a solution. I might still be busy until the weekend.

It's not a malfunction, it's an unanticipated new feature.😎