I noticed that the StemGeeks community burns half of STEM tokens earns from posts and comments not published through their frontend šŸ˜®

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I noticed that the #StemGeeks community burns 50% of STEM tokens earned from posts or comments on their community not published through their frontend. šŸ˜®

That is why I should post the results of my Math mini-contest challenges directly using their platform (not #Ecency). šŸ˜…

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oh, wow, I knew there is some tax for posts from other front ends. I didn't know it's as much as 50%!

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That explains the 49%+ burn of all STEM tokens in circulation (visible on their frontend https://stemgeeks.net/)! šŸ˜…

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Yeah, STEMGeeks set it at 50% right now. Some were pushing for 75% to incentivize people publishing through STEMGeeks instead.

Some tribes, like LEO, set it at around 10%.