Math mini-contest problem for Day 23 on D.Buzz for February 2021 😎

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Math Problem for Day 23 😎

Fang and Manga play Rock-Paper-Scissors with the following details:

Probability of choosingFangManga

What is the probability of Fang winning a match?

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My guess is 70.18% . I am a bit lazy so I went for a straight forward answer and work in the next comment.

P = 1 - Probability of Manga Winning (happens 3 ways)
P = 1 - 0.34(0.29) +0.34(0.22)+.39(.32) = 1 - 0.2982 = 0.7018 = 70.18%

Manga only wins in 3 ways. Any other time it is a draw or a lost such that Fang wins. Therefore the chance of Manga winning is the probability that he picks the winning type against Fang thus my answer.


feel free to ignore my answer, I know I can't fulfil the dbuzz activity criteria atm, but these contents are fun :D

I got this answer as well. Compute the cases where Fang wins over Manga.

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Answer for Day 23 Math Problem

30.16% 🎯


The probability of Fang winning a match can be obtained by simply adding the chances of winning per pick. A match in which Fang loses or draws shall not be included. Fang's chances of winning per pick are the following:

  • 32% chance of choosing Rock which has a 22% chance of winning. Winning using Rock has a 7.04% chance of occurring.
  • 34% chance of choosing Paper which has a 29% chance of winning. Winning using Paper has a 9.86% chance of occurring.
  • 34% chance of choosing Scissors which has a 39% chance of winning. Winning using Scissors has a 13.26% chance of occurring.

By adding all the chances of winning per pick, Fang has a 30.16% chance of winning a match.

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