Math mini-contest problem for Day 4 on D.Buzz for April 2021 😎

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Math problem for Day 4 for April 2021 😎

@jancharlest bought a 36-inch (diameter) round pizza for D.Buzz. When he removed a pizza slice whose pointed end is at the center, the remaining pizza's perimeter increased by 6 inches. What is the size of @jancharlest's pizza slice?

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I went at it for like 10 minutes and couldn't figure it out so I will go with the dumb answer of "no solution". My geometry isn't the best.

I got 270 square inches for the size of the slice.

Shouldn't the answer intuitively have some fractional parts or be in terms of Ο€? πŸ€” Anyway, thanks for participating! πŸ˜€


3 inches

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73.47% of the whole pizza or 1495.75
so either @jancharlest is very hungry or I made a mistake :D

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The original problem did not mention that @jancharlest ate all the pizza he took. πŸ€” Of course there is the option of sharing with others the huge pizza slice he took! 😁

haha, indeed, good point! :D

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