What is a computer? The smallest idea about computer is for you.

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With the change of age, human civilization has changed a lot. Hey, the change of human civilization has come to us hand in hand. Now we can't do anything without computers.


computer is the new miracle of science. It can make thousandss of calculation in a moment. It can story in its memory millions of facts and figures. It can also recall them at ease. in India the use of computer is growing rapidly. In developed countries computers are used in banks, shops, airlines, offices, libraries- every where. India is eager to advance on computer technology. It seems that computer is going do dominate the future civilization of man.

Last word

All the people in the world are dependent on computers, now everything seems to be useless without computers. Needless to say, the computer is a necessary part of human civilization. Our world is advancing more and more because of computers and I hope it will move forward. I have given you a little idea about computers and this is my last word. Thank you. All will be well. Assalamu Alaikum.


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