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RE: Astronomy Picture of the Day - IC 1318: The Butterfly Nebula in Gas and Dust

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Hi guys. I'm not defending spam and plagiarism but wanted to post my humble opinion. I am a moderator on Uptrennd and really know how annoying it is to fight spam and plagiarism and spend a few hours every day doing it manually. We don't have any bots. Also I am not an employee but volunteer.

I want to ask if everyone who uses is considered a spammer. Asked this question on Discord too and was told no. But after reading the comments here, I'm not sure anymore.

I discovered Dbuzz last week and have used it a few times and really like it. And they have a character limit, I think it's 280. Not sure why 256 characters would make a difference.

I use Twitter a lot, so I really like and it's one of the most friendly communities for someone like me who don't know everything about Hive or Steem. They are the first to answer any questions. And I have tried asking on many places, some of them with much larger userbase.

So can you please keep the communication channel open because I see that the situation between you is not the best.

There must be a way to block, mute or penalize in another way the people who abuse it. I always wanted to use Share2Steem and Dlike but never did because I was afraid that I will get on a blacklist or something. I am more about sharing news articles than writing long posts. But I do this on Twitter.

I was thinking that if users are afraid to use Steem and Hive, it goes against everything the platforms stand for. On the other hand I see a lot of spam comments on Steem for example and they are never downvoted. Small accounts like me are probably afraid of starting a downvote war. But high level accounts?

I even reported 2 accounts yesterday to a few high level curators and only one replied saying that yes it is spam but nothing can be done. Finally nikv on Hivewatchers group took action.

But try to understand the Dbuzz side too. They have this little Project that is promising and very user friendly, especially for new users. They must feel like David against Goliath.

I am not one of those who say Free Speech is above everything else. I really hate, fake news, disinformation, terrorism etc but there must be a middle way in this case.

This comment got very long. I am just a simple user so maybe I am missing something, and have not been using the platforms for some months now. But just wanted to let you know the opinion of someone who understands both sides. I hope I don't make any enemies here with the comment 🙏. Thank you for reading this (if you made it to the end 😄)
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The idea is not to have a character limit but the opposite - add a mandatory character field requiring to add personal thought to the content that is cross-posted (with a minimum of 256 characters).
So there is valuable, original content added/personal thought.
Just like Actifit has had for years (They actually have minimum word count so it is even more requiring).

I use Twitter a lot, so I really like

Hive ecosystem is NOT Twitter. Hive ecosystem frontends are something between a blogging platform and Medium with a bit of Reddit (commenting) and the content is rewarded here. Neither Twitter nor Facebook pays you for your content.

I always wanted to use Share2Steem and Dlike but never did because I was afraid that I will get on a blacklist or something.

Creating a spam app does not give a license to spam. The content of these posts is treated the same way as if it was posted without the app.

But try to understand the Dbuzz side too. They have this little Project that is promising and very user friendly, especially for new users. They must feel like David against Goliath.

So far it has been nothing more but an epicenter of plagiarism and/or copypasta spam with zero original content added.
If it teachers anything to new users is that spam and effortless link posting are rewarded in the Hive ecosystem.
It has nothing to do with free speech.


@hivewatchers is disingenuious imo, and reminds me of the Government's ploy of saying something is for people's protection when in fact, it's to increase the size and power of Government.

  • If done right, a role like theirs is good, but they do it wrong.

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Oh man... And I'm trying to make peace with them 😄😄😄 And at least they are not downvoting every comment of yours like ... you know who.

Ummm, they are one in the same?

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Making peace with a tyrant does not work or help.

  • It's unethical imo.

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Btw, Free Speech combats misinformation since it allows the scrutiny of all ideas view the free flow of information.

  • The pitch that censorship decreases misinformation is also misinformation imo.

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I personally don't think that users getting into centralized blacklists because of plagiarism and reward farming has something to do with freedom of speech.

I do agree that blacklists should be decentralized and opt-in, but when the blacklisters downvote posts from some users because of posting something available somewhere else and wasn't linked to source and without own description, I would just ignore them. Anyway, if the user who was blacklisted becomes "good" (makes plagiarism-free and useful posts) and wasn't removed from the blacklist, then I would do think of that as a problem with them.


Well, you are free to think that, but we remain a Free Speech platform and do not censor text.

  • We truncate links if it includes child porn, phishing or blatant scams, but actually leave the text there for all to see, if they want for transparency purposes.

How much more for .

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A few sentences that someone said was taken from their article or something they said @savvyplayer

  • Plagiarism protects the theft of long-form content, not short bits of information like what we have on our Dapp

But again, we will create a culture of citing sources, etc.

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I did not say that short bits of information is (always) plagiarism. There is what people call "reward farming", where the user does not put noticeable effort in publishing posts, and just hoping that their posts get upvotes (unless the poster declines payout). 🤨

Standards about what is not allowed on a #FreeSpeech platform shouldn't be up to interpretation, it should be blatantly obvious

  • If it's not obvious, then there's nothing wrong with it

Case in point, a "Noticeable" effort to you, might not be a noticeable effort to ME, etc.

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Okay. 😐

Case in point, you should at least agree that there are some posts which are made for reward farming that are obvious. 🤨