Translation: "I fear the day when technology overtakes our humanity. T ...

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"I fear the day when technology overtakes our humanity. The world will then be a generation of idiots."
Pretty spot on. What do you think?
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Technology is for people but in resent way

Its to help as but not to do all for as.

Yepp. I think it is our challenge to learn how to bring back morals into technology. Or else it will consume us in the worst way imaginable.

If we're not there yet, we're so extremely close.

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Yes. I think we're there already, but just now seeing clearly what it holds for us. It is hard to tell how big the impact will be, but I think the generation that grew up with this technology will have a very, very hard time to adapt to real life once it settles in. I'm usually optimistic, but my realism isn't smiling at the moment.

I sometimes wonder if we're living in some sort of 'happy' suspension between being able to wear technology all the time, such as AR, and wishing we could wear it all the time.

Not sure if you've seen this one, but it's quite scary, and during the times when it fails, you find yourself feeling relieved.

Oh dear! 😳
The video is brilliantly made, but very disturbing! Just imagine living in a world like that.
It suggests very good what kind of world is supposed to be thrust upon us, and maybe it's what those, who don't have a connection to the real world, actually like.
To me this vision is pure horror and I truly believe the disasters we are going through right now are a correction of our misguided use of technology.

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