Using's microblogging web app for the first time! I must say i ...

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Using's microblogging app for the first time!

I must say it's very convenient. Thanks @chrisrice (:

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I've not looked into dbuzz too much. I am more of a long content consumer myself but it looks like it's pretty popular. Is it similar to twitter?

It is indeed similar to Twitter. 😃

However, D.Buzz has the following differences:

  1. censorship-resistance 📣
  2. cryptocurrency (HIVE/HBD) rewards 💰
  3. friendly community 🤗
  4. neutral feed ⚖️



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It sounds like a big step up from Twitter I have to say!

Yes it is like the Hive version of Twitter! 🤗

I use it quite a bit these days. It has made me lazy to post long-form content...oops!

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Haha, but probably saved you a lot more time than trying to think of long-form posts to write 😃

Hope you like it here! #LetsAddValue together~

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Yes!! I'm so glad we always encourage one another here on & Hive ☺️

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I keep seeing the mention of DBuzz the last couple of days
Has there been an upgrade or something?
I know it isn't new, new...

Oh I just saw "Install the microblogging app" banner on the website and clicked to install it on my desktop (:

So I can open directly from my desktop home page (:

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There are weekly updates on D.Buzz but nothing major, (just bug fixing & usability features.) Still, suggestions are taken into account and the pace bugs are being fixed is very good!

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oh hi @ahmadmangazap
The interest in short-form content is going up then :D

It's pretty much the only way I post lately. I don't have much to say in a long post at the moment.

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Yes, me too! Sometimes short & sweet is better.

It feels like more people engage with my buzzes and vice versa (as compared to posts).

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I've been noticing that as well. It'll be interesting to see what Leo's project blank will be like as a microblogging platform. I'll try that one out as well, but I'll still use D.Buzz. I don't post 10 times a day to because it still shows up in my posts and I don't want to look spammy. Project blank might be good for the other 9 posts I want to make in a day after I've already made one or two on D.Buzz.