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An odd thing about the timber industry. When the loggers own the trees that they are logging, they tend to conserve the resource and harvest responsibly. When they do not, they waste the forest and move on.

I live in the US Mountain West. The first wave of loggers destroyed the forests that they visited. Today, loggers are some of the best conservationists.


That's interesting. Was a law formulated to encourage loggers to own tree plantations how how did the US arrive at such a feat?

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The national forests in the US are a political mess. You may have heard news about record fires in the US for the last few years. This is because national forests are growing unchecked.

There are some forests on private land. The tree plantations understand that trees are an investment and they have been growing more trees than they harvest.

It seems to me the trick is creating a market where the lumber sees the trees as a long term investment.

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