If hypnosis mind control? Or mind control hypnosis? Here's the answer ...

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If hypnosis mind control? Or mind control hypnosis? Here's the answer to that!

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I think it's subjective to the user. I personally think mind control is hypnosis but they are kind of similar so it's tough.

The article does bring up some good questions and thinking. I do agree that videos and shows often paint hypnosis in a bad light.

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I am glad you're here to publish these short posts involving questions newbies ask. It helps conceal my longer posts so nobody asks just what exactly my interest in this subject is. I prefer the questions you raise.😎

It's an answer but I don't believe it's a definitive answer. Brainwashing and mind control is like satire and parody. There isn't always a boundary separation. That's probably why on Wikipedia "mind control" redirects to the entry on brainwashing.

Mind control can be defined as a coercive process...

It can be defined that way. It could also just as correctly be defined by replacing the words "a coercive process" with "psychological tactics"; arguably an even more correct definition because coercion can imply physical force and threats and not all of the possible psychological tactics for mind control involve physical force or threats.

Even on topics that science have an explanation to, people still have their on subjective perception based on their experiences, what they read, their upbringing etc. I try to share links to various resources to promote awareness about the subject :)

Hey @honeysaver, here is your HYPNO ;)


Hey @honeysaver, here is your HYPNO ;)