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I finally got a 3D printer. There's an issue that I e-mailed technical support about so no actual use of it yet. When it is 100% up and running it will help me as I make more STEM content.


Awesome - I'm thinking about buying a 3d printer - what model is this? I was gonna get the ender 3.

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Wow! Congratz!

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Is it possible to make a @dbuzz magnet with that?

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If you get me an .stl file for a dbuzz object and I'll happily print you one @chrisrice.

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Printing is one thing, but how will @chrisrice be able to test your 3D printed magnet object? 🤔😅

I have a refrigerator :)

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What I mean with is about how @patrickulrich will be able to send the printed magnet object to you (without incurring expensive international shipping fees). 🤨

I wonder how bad the cost of shipping is from me to @chrisrice. The object wouldn't be heavy so I'd think that'd be in our favor.

Maybe send 10 of the object in one shipping to minimize the ratio of the shipping fees to the number of objects sent! 😆😅

I'd have to get a file created first @savvyplayer and that might take a long time 😀

Z offset can be used to embed a magnet inside a 3D print design or a refrigerator magnet can be made by creating a design in something like Tinkercad or Blender and gluing a magnet to the printed model.

How much did you pay for yours?

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I paid $279 USD on Amazon. I am kind of thinking I should have bought it directly from for the $299.99 USD price. Maybe then I wouldn't have the trouble with a broken micro-switch. I'll probably buy direct from manufacturer next time I get a 3D printer.

Also add to that about $80 USD for accessories.

Monoprice are fantastic starting printers, but almost impossible to get replacement parts for them. You picked up a very nice model, though!

If the replacement parts issue is due to trouble getting a response from tech support then yeah I am starting to realize that.😩 Once I get it straightened out I am sure the MP10 Mini will be a good printer for me.

It's more like nobody sells the damn things...

That said, monoprice has done a fantastic job of designing a printer that needs minimal setup. Sure someone who's nervous about committing to a more diy printer, the monoprice printers are wonderful.

So there are no equivalent components through sites such as

Never looked there. I was looking at Amazon and eBay when my dumb ass broke the Y-axis motor. Couldn't find anything for replacement parts, much less a guide online for how to replace that motor.

Did you look on the site itself? There seems to be stepper motors for various models such as:

You're right though about the lack of guides on-line for replacement. Maybe a mod forum would be helpful? has replacement data but apparently no how-to guides.

Interesting idea, 3D printing is really useful.

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