Motor Music

in D.Buzz2 months ago

Have you ever heard motor music? There are videos on-line in which people make rotating motors like those in floppy drives generate tones similar to musical instruments.


It must of been a lot of work by the owner of those motors to get everything working correctly. Although the sound isn't refined, it sure is unique.

I am sure it was. There are a few different tutorials on-line about how to accomplish it. If I did it I'd only post the videos playing public domain tunes. Don't want to anger the RIAA, Universal Music Group, ect. No DMCA takedowns for me thank you.😅

Yea DMCAs are a pain. I feel like it is too easy to abuse and now that things have moved more digital, I feel like it hasn't keep up with technology. Especially since some people are planning to turn music into NFTs, I wonder how everything will play out.