D.buzz 2: Electric Boogaloo

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I estimated the amount of energy it would take to generate every d.buzz post theoretically possible. I am afraid lightning striking the courthouse clock tower simply isn't enough. Neither is draining the entire Sun. https://myhive.li/v717q


Can I have a TLDR? Seems like too much work to go through the post and my brain is tired.

TL;DR: Following up on last post that estimated theoretical number of d.buzz posts that can be randomly generated. This post estimates the energy that would be consumed to carry out the task. A third post after this soon will estimate whether all theoretically possible d.buzz posts can be posted before the Universe ends.

In order to estimate power consumption a model of a system to randomly generate and post d.buzz messages is described. Examined an open source Arduino library for the steem blockchain that could possibly be modified to work with Hive. Also examined an open source blockchain Arduino-like board called blockduino.

Estimated it would take 4.5 kilojoules to randomly generate and post a d.buzz message. A relatively small amount of energy but multiplied by the theoretical number of d.buzz posts that can exist the amount of energy consumed would far exceed the energy released by an exploding supernova.

Thanks for the TLDR. It sure is interesting to calculate energy cost.

It's funny... I understand how physics mathematics work, but only as numbers... I don't have the ability to imagine how much a number mean in reality yet. Especially for things like the power of heat and things like these...

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Whoa! So geeky it blows my mind LOL. If we could start aplying our energies now to creating those DBuzzes... :D #dbuzzrewards #youareagenius

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