Demain le jour de la récompense !!! Vérifiez vos prix pour vos ECU sur ...

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Demain le jour de la récompense !!! Vérifiez vos prix pour vos ECU sur le marché ...
Si vous voulez déléguer au programme caritatif : @hive-143869

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@onealfa.leo is it thus forbidden to remind people from leofinance using buzz that tomorrow the rewarding program makes its airdrop ? Isn't it finance enough ?
Did I miss anything ?

It is not forbidden. Thus - you were not muted.
This is NOT YOU who made wrong move, but rather those who have upvoted it

DV is simply an expression of my disagreement on rewards for the efforts on making such post, and the value of it.
You should learn to look into DV's from a different perspective.

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Tag removed, please remove your dv.

Why do you think this is STEM? Downvoted to remove rewards for tag abuse

Shall be remembered... Thank you for helping our charity program in such a beautiful way

And yeah stem, as we use Technology to help people around us, but your narrow minded spirit did not see that.

Ooft, that is weak. I bet you felt slightly embarrassed even writing that one

Thank you for the attempted abuse of a community in the short sighted sprint to collect as many tokens as you possibly could

Tag was removed, be sure to remove your downvote, if you're true to yourself

The downvote is to remove the STEM from the rewards. I wont be removing it