## What is it? Not often I see a big cluster of #fungus in #Utah. What ...

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What is it?

Not often I see a big cluster of #fungus in #Utah. What are these? Need some #id folks. #411

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This doesn't look like the real fungus I know to me. I don't think it would be edible. The ones I know do stand like three but these ones are clustered.

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I'm certain it's not edible as well.

It's just a bit unusual seeing considerable growth outside in a dry climate.

Yeah, quite unusual.

I've heard that these types of mushrooms are poisonous. Be careful not to touch these mushrooms. !PIZZA
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Poisonous huh? Well, that escalated quickly.

Something tells me you wanted to give him a little bite

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Not really. But, was curious what was it.

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That's some shitake looking goodness there. Could be worth a fortune or, more likely, will make you very ill, possibly kill ya.

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Most likely kill me.


Dont eat it

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Won't be doing that.

Ya better not

I wonder if we can eat it?! Lol!
🥦 !BBH 🥦

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