This one I let to the anti-vaxxers and/or anti-lockdowns, as well as c ...

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This one I let to the anti-vaxxers and/or anti-lockdowns, as well as conspiracy theorists in general to explain. Otherwise both vaccines and lockdowns are effective to save lives.

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The Flu season is ending now?

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Flu that overcrowd hospitals with 1% death rate?

I've seen the hospitals via videos, they are not over crowded.

  • Hospitals in Davao City that I checked first hand, have much less patients than pre-covid. I asked the actual doctors myself.

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Maybe your city is the exception of the world. The rule is that tje mortality rate is more than 1%

No, it's not

  • You don't know what is classified as a #Covid19 Death so u don't know if it's a a valid statistic

Read this, it's only 1 of the ways they pump numbers

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I know through studies made by specialists in trustworthy Universities. I don't trust internet sites, I trust science.

Ummm okay, believe your Trusted Universities then.

  • Instead of seeing for yourself what is classified as a Covid-19 death.

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I am not a scientist nor a specialist in the area. So I trust science and the specialists in the are working in the Universities around the world. And that is what everyone should do instead of believing in internet sites.

I am sure you can find what gets classified as a Covid Death on a University website, right?

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I don't trust Google searches, I only trust scientific studies. If I search about UFOs in Google I will find many things.