Are you prepared to the need of taking the covid jab every year for th ...

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Are you prepared to the need of taking the covid jab every year for the next several years? I hope you do, and Johnson & Johnson too.

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This isn't about saving lives or helping people, it's about making money, acquiring more power & controlling the masses IMO.

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I disagree. This is about saving lives, tens of thousands of lives, while making money.

Yeah, and that's okay, we don't have to agree.

  • Hopefully you wouldn't call for mandatory vaxxing of people who don't want it though.

That would be tyranny, and possibly genocide.

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I am against mandatory vaxxing only for those that agree to live isolated. If they have a social life they should be compelled to vaccinate.


  • I guess you don't believe in the right to Liberty in the US Constitution.

The WHO already said that the vaccine won't stop people from "spreading it", according to them.

  1. Why not just tell the people who are afraid to stay home, get the vaxxes, etc.

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My rationale is not based on US Constitution or any other law, but on reason and science alone. Your right of individual freedom is not bigger or more important than the right of others freedom. All rights must be taken into account.


When you say "science" you are NOT referring to the scientific method but a list of ideas spread in the mainstream media, through universities & #BigTech

All of it is lead and most likely paid for (in some way shape or form) by the Government.

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I am referring to the scientific consensus that can be verified by the positions of the world renowned Universities regarding this pandemic.

But to clarify, I'm happy you are sharing your ideas here --> this is what #FreeSpeech platforms are for 😀

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Me too, i like to exchange ideas. That is what social networks are for.

Here's some stats @discernente and you can confirm via research.

  • If you advocate for mandatory vaccination, you may be advocating for murder in some cases, and would be on the wrong side of history IMO

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You are free only to the point that your freedom does not harm others. Your rights end when others rights begin.

In that case, YOU are harming others by advocating mandatory vaccines for people who do not self-isolate

Over 500 people have died from it & many more have life altering side effects

  • All for a virus that hasn't been proven to exist since it has NOT been isolated yet

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That is your conclusion, not the conclusion of science. Science says that vaccinating is necessary for the common good. I follow reason and science alone, not personal desires or opinions.