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RE: The cheap Android phones will be having high tech camera software from ...

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Wow! 😮

Hopefully #India doesn't use nearly as much firmware as #China phones 👍


India isn't technologically advanced as China and there is a lot of bureaucracy and inefficiencies involved. I don't think this will hurt Alphabet Inc much in short to mid term.

Ah okay, so many these phones won't be very good then?

The features are coming to budget phones and these will have cameras that can compete with mid-range phones. That is a game changer for those who have to spend less than $200 on a smartphone.

Ah okay, so it is a #GameChanger for budget phones but not the Premium phones.

Got it!

P.S. I hope they are not tech savvy enough to add firmware or spyware 🙂✌️

They could hire someone to take care of the spyware. If you really want the best privacy, you can try something like


This deserves it's own Buzz 😎🥳🎈

We need more of this 👍