I just watched the first 2-hours of this video at 1.75x the speed & it ...

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I just watched the first 2-hours of this video at 1.75x the speed & it explains the influence that #FrancisBacon (Founder of the Scientic Method) had over the founding of America

His view of #America being the "New Atlantis" & Secret Societies

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#FrancisBacon had a massive influence on how science evolved. Many problems of modern science comes from ultra materialist view of reality discontented from everything.

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It's cool that you already know about #FrancisBacon, Iam just learning about him now

Apparently he was good friends w/ #KingJames and revised the Bible into the #KingJames version

He also wrote about building a new #Atlantis, which became known as American to some

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Francis Bacon was also involved in witch trials and elimination of the knowledge systems of people who lived with nature. He worked to create a form of scientific elitism much like what Brahmins did in India having monopoly over knowledge & truth.

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Ah okay!

Thank you for that information @d-zero and yes, his book #NewAtlantis outlines a "Utopia" whose citizens are not allowed to question anything.

I also suspect that the group of writers and artists he hired, lead by him, are the real authors behind #Shakespear's work.

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There's a lot of theories about who really wrote #Shakespear's work. It's all being a group effort is possible. But it should have been a tiny group to maintai the consistent style and quality.

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