1. The "vaccines" are NOT designed to prevent you from catching or spr ...

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  1. The "vaccines" are NOT designed to prevent you from catching or spreading anything

  2. The #Moderna & #Phizer "vaccines" are an experiment to alter the functions of DNA

  3. Google #AntibodyDependentEnhancement


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We are gonna see a new species on the earth very soon, isn't it? That's gonna be awesome. We are really bored of being human for so long time.

You believe what you believe. Not everyone needs on the same side.

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Not exactly, I suspect the new experimental mRNA vaccines will create too many "binding" antibodies, as it did in the animal studies.

Resulting in a 100% death rate (or near to it) for people who receive the vaccine then encounter it in the wild.

( Also in the animal studies )

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@dmhafiz Your opinion ? 🤔

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Make sure @dmhafiz watches the video . . the whole video, then he can check the sources:


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Not a popular opinion in some circles but I'm holding out on this one. I can't believe the number of people who just can't wait for their vaccine shot. I'm skeptical and extremely paranoid.

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Yeah, it's so silly that people want to get the vaccine.

  • Some of it is overblown via the media though.

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