Can we control Super Intelligent Machines? Computer scientists think t ...

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Can we control Super Intelligent Machines? Computer scientists think that we can't. Should stop developing A.I? What do you guys think?

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Look at human intelligence. There are misinformed people who go around spreading myths they were told about vaccines which poses a public health risk and can cause a certain amount of people to unnecessarily die. There are others who are voluntarily members of a religious group that don't seek medical treatment when they are ill. If those people are Americans do we take away their First Amendment? I, for one, welcome our new A.I. overlords.

Lol. I don't dislike A.I, I actually want some more advance A.I not just advance to the point that they'll take over and enslave us.

Maybe you've watched too much Battlestar Galactica. Or maybe not enough. Anyway, computers can't do everything. Alan Turing proved that back in 1936 with the Halting problem. Even if all else fails we could always have Captain Kirk talk the computer to death.😀

I'm embarrassed to say that I never watched a single episode of Battlestar Galactica in my entire life. As for Turing, the technology of 1936 is vastly different compared to today's technology. So even though he's a genius, he probably didn't imagine that we would enter the information age. Not really sure how the "battle" between Captain Kirk and the computer would end up but talking to a computer might be easier compared to talking to a real person since a computer has no bias and all logic.

It really doesn't matter how different the technologies are between 1936 and now. Both rely on the concept of Turing machines which both era of computers are based on. A computer from the 1940s and a computer from today both have input, output, storage and retrieval. They both operate in the same fundamental way. More storage and faster access time doesn't change that. Vacuum tubes and transistors are both switches that can be used in logic gates.

That's a valid point! You've convinced me! Although I say that, the thought of an A.I overlord is still terrifying. Not that I would still be alive even if such a day comes.