We might be closer to realizing Deep Dive Virtual Reality than you mig ...

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We might be closer to realizing Deep Dive Virtual Reality than you might think. If you're a fan of the anime Sword Art Online, and even the movie Ready Player One you'll understand what Deep Dive VR meant. Anyway, here's the article https://bit.ly/39mUNNO

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Oh, so they finally managed to do the "skin" part~

"The Nervegear disables your Motor-functions as you play, don't you remember the videos of the Beta testers? ...So many losses."
-- SAO Abridged.

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Yeah, it's still not perfect but it's a start. Also, they sure gave SAO a new spin with those abridges 😂😅🤣

Wow, that's fuckin insane!

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Its definitely an improvement from a traditional VR but I think there's still a long way to go.

VR is way past me..

  • I'm to old for that Lol

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You don't look that old to me. Besides, VR technology isn't just for kids and young adults.

Yeah, I'm not that old, I'm just 35.

  • But VR to me is what Blockchain Dapps are to most 95 year olds.

Completely foreign, and I don't enjoy it.

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Well, that's too bad I guess. Although I do understand where you're coming from. Everyone have different things they're interested in.

Yeah, I support other people using it, it's just not my thing for some reason.

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