Alexander the Great. King, conqueror, and probably someone who was bur ...

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Alexander the Great. King, conqueror, and probably someone who was buried alive when he was prematurely declared dead. According to Katherine Hall of the Dunedin School of Medicine at the University of Otago in New Zealand, Alexander the Great might have suffered from GBS.

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GBS or Guillain-Barré Syndrome, is a neurological disorder, in w/c the body's immune system attacks the nerve, resulting in paralysis. Before Alexander the Great was declared dead, he suffered from fever and pain, and then paralysis, all symptoms of GBS.

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I didn't know that about his death. It sure is weird but I doubt you would really see it in a history book since they like to embellish these types of character.

Although I agree with you, I think there's still a possibility to see this in the history book if proven true.

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Yea it would be interesting to see it in the history books. I wonder what type of evidence they will show to prove this.

Yeah, it would. And as for evidence, we could only wait and see.

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Alexander the Great his story has always fascinated me with all his adventures and conquests and of course nowadays conquering other tribes is now frowned upon, in those days that was the way in which tribes distributed knowledge and traditions.
Didn't really look into how he died though, so this is new to me. I only knew of the fever.

It's also the same for me. Alexander the Great, in my opinion was one of the greatest historical figure that ever lived. Now, as for the way he died, it was actually a new theory and hasn't really been proven yet. Although judging from the written records of his symptoms before his demise, there's fairly good chance that the new is correct.

Ah ok, that explains it.
Thanks for sharing this :)

Your welcome

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