I would like to live long enough to see the teleportation being used i ...

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I would like to live long enough to see the teleportation being used in everyday life ... but like in the Star Trek series, not like in "The Fly"movie ... although I sincerely doubt that I would use the thing ... I mean, I'm almost too afraid to use contemporary elevators ...

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Can do it now in VR.

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Very funny! Your imagination is running wild! You could teleport your other ‘subconscious entity’ out of your body with your mind! No need for physical machine!

Adept meditators do this as a routine thing! But it’s not good in the sense that they got too attached or obsessed with their experiences. So, their emotional reactions spoil the whole thing and they lose the ability for good!

Interesting! Some really cool thoughts here. Yes, the meditation travel could be a great alternative :) to the scary teleportation machine, for me.

While you're waiting for teleportation, you can seriously train in the world's most dangerous elevator.
In Germany, you now have to get a special licence to use it.

Cool! Didn't know the story and history of this idea, never heard about this elevator ... the little animation with ways to die while going up or down has the horror effect even with that simple icon instead of actors and special effects ... maybe I'll visit the place after this COVID thing :)

Hahaha! Same! I feel exactly the same.

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