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RE: Since I can share several links on D.Buzz without reaching the 280-character limit, I would promote my free services here 😎

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i understand that organic Goats & Sheep cheese is healthier, but only in small quantities. Not sure it's actually healthy for the body though, just less harmful. Yet ultimately it's all in the mind; if we are established in true self, all can be alchemised.

I skip pizza now unless there is vegan pizza available. Sometimes in restaurants you can find, but i rarely eat out. I haven't made pizza myself yet, but i expect i will.

I occasionally buy this vegan cheese at a local supermarket. In the (illusory) future i will make cheese myself with cashew nuts or sunflower seeds or other nuts/seeds.


I would like to see the ingredients of the vegan cheese on your picture! 🤓😅

Have a (vegan) !PIZZA with !LUV! ❤️🥦🍕😁

ok, when i buy another one, i will send



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This is an encrypted memo ;-)
I wonder if you can decrypt it outside of time and space?