There's some weird internet shizz going on when you can't post somethi ...

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There's some weird internet shizz going on when you can't post something easily until you use a VPN.

Whether it's Twitter, Plurk, Viber or whichever. Sometimes it just posts faster by using a VPN! What the...

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I could not find such a VPN. I only know that ProtonVPN is really much faster than others. Thanks to the recent updates.

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I use any VPN available.

Hanig VPN?
Would you recommend this? I've heard a lot of people say that the free versions of VPNs are dangerous.

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I don't use VPNs a lot. Only when necessary. I obviously don't do much research which is the best free ones. Lol. Just check the reviews. That's the only thing I do.

Because Philippines is so close to China and their great wall that its like your whole island nation is behind a VPN

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Pffft I have no idea am not in IT. Hehe.

Wtf is plurk lol and viber? What? How come no one uses Mastodon lol it seems so smart but too complicated. Is that how people see hive?

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I don't care abt Mastodon. Lol. I think the LGBTQ are mostly there based on what I've seen online.