Voila I have a virus in my computer. So that's why. Would rather just ...

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Voila I have a virus in my computer. So that's why.

Would rather just buy a new hard drive at this point however... I got no moolah yet to buy 1 nor pay a technician to replace my infected hard drive.

I'm gettin' old for thizzz.

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I !LUV the gif used here! ...Saved on my device.

Been a while since I dealt with viruses myself...

Usually a virus is software-based, so if you can format the HDD you should be able to get rid of the problem. (+ everything else on your system but so would buying a new HDD.)

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@ahmadmangazap(4/4) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Yeah I can reformat but I want to have access to my old files even if it has a friggin' virus on there somewhere. Am hoping to clean it up soon somehow. Why the heck did I click the ad even though I had the side effects of the booster shot running in my system. Egads.

This is just like a double whammy kind of virus. Whew.

Yeah gif seemed appropriate enough so... Ah they say all we need is love. Love is all we need. Ah life and love.

Have you considered moving the files to a Flash Drive, reformat then put them back? (Even if you don't have one, you might borrow from a friend?)

You probably thought of this and had a reason not to do it, but throwing ideas might help.

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If I do that then it will also infect that flash drive. These viruses work the same way like the old ones. It infects all things one way or another.

Thanks for trying to help.

I totally forgot about that part... It's been a long time since I had a virus that also infected the USB drives. Hope you find a solution soon...

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Yeah the solution is reformat or buy new HD. Haha. Millions of money, I am ready for you to arrive. Hahaha

Maybe you could try a recovery CD, that way you'll be able to put stuff from hard drive to flash memory without affecting it. (Since the infected operating system isn't running.)


You might need a non-infected PC to make that CD, but it's an option to consider. Good Luck!

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Well thanks for trying to help. It's okay I am tired of infected PC's. I'll just do what I can soon.

I know the feeling of doing something stupid (clicking a shady ad,) then realizing it immediately, but the harm was already done... It's sad.

Once I gave my email secret code to a scammer, I had to restore the account and change all my passwords. It was a hard day!!


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Ah such a pain right? Ah to be alive on this planet...


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Thank you. I just wish there was real magic so it could remove the virus in my computer. Ah life.