I feel productive today! I will continue answering our school activity ...

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I feel productive today! I will continue answering our school activity tomorrow... it's time to rest. Calculus is really hard but it is fun when you already know how to solve it.

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I only knew Canon for their #Cameras ...Felt strange not knowing they made Cacluators too before seeing your buzz. (Just checked to make sure.)

Calculus is hard... Which level are you on? Tried to figure it out from the photo but it seems you're on a reference page...

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Canon calculator is one of the most recommended calculators in board exams (in my country).

It's not a reference page, this book is like a reviewer where it compiles the formula, terms, and more related to Engineering.

Oh, so Canon is the popular brand in your country huh?

The popular calculators in my country are CASIO brand, in fact, I don't remember seeing anyone using another brand.

I know this is a bit late, but Good Luck in your study.


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Casio and Canon is the usual calculators here.

Thank you!

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