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#dbuzz30 V - Day 6:

What do you think of Ray Kurzweil?

Never heard about him, so I looked him up.

I dunno about his other theories, but I just found his prediction on #immortality via #technology & I hate that it's the logical conclusion of progress!


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This will happen maybe 50 years from now. Maybe human consciousness will be transferred to robots and in this way immortality will become a reality.

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The man argues that it's not that far from now, maybe only 10 years.

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Same here , i never heard about him until it been mention in this challenge . His prediction of future is a little bit scarier . !PIZZA

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It's very scary to think about... I don't want immortality in this life. If there's an afterlife where we don't have these "earthly" urges, (which I believe there is,) then maybe I'll be okay with being immortal.


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I guess , i dont have to worry about the immortality in this life . I pretty sure it gonna cost me hundred thousand of dollar just to get our pass. Even it was legit , i cant apply for that . !LOLZ

Why was the banana denied bail?
Every judge knows bananas splits.

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Haha, true... Only the most wealthy people will be able to afford it. !LOLZ

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I have an addiction to taking inventory at the blacksmithing shop.
We all have our vices.

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