I realized that DVDs have been obsolete for a while now... It's hard t ...

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I realized that DVDs have been obsolete for a while now... It's hard to remember a time before DVDs were a thing...

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#technology marches on.~
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Imagine using audio cassettes, vinyl records, or 8-track tapes when you want to hear your favorite music.

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Yeah, it's hard to imagine nowadays... I used audio cassettes a lot as a child, even recorded some... Vinyl records were before my time though. I believe they didn't stay relevant for long in Libya to reach my parents' families. My father had only one that doesn't work.

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Someone said to me that they're considered #retro now... I feel old now 😂

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Yeah... Time goes by quickly...

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Ah yes, DVDs were cheaper than USBs when I was in elementary school. But in general, USBs are much more useful. Most things were good back then.

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I agree... DVDs stopped being used here as much once it became more affordable to use USB over DVD for the normal person.

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I still see people here using DVDs. I think it's still very cheap. I don't know about DVD prices for a long time, but there are people who use CDs. I never understood why. Because CD is lower. !PIZZA

CDs are cheaper and have less storage... If you're for example recording a short video that takes less than 100MB of space. It'll be more efficient to put it on CD than DVD, because what burned on a disk can't be rewritten.

Of course, most use USB for that these days...


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What do you exactly mean with "CD is lower"? 🤔

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I still use a laptop that does have a DVD writer on it. Let's just hope these changes will not end up with a situation where nobody own anything and everything is rented. I don't think we have too many reasons to fear.

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@vimukthi(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

My old Laptop still has a DVD writer too, but last time I tried it I had trouble running it. It seems not being used for years worsened it. !LOL

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Apparently to start a zoo you need at least 2 pandas a grizzy and 3 polars.
It’s the bear minimum.

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I think what happened to Floppy Disks is going to happen now. Some people preserve them, but otherwise, they're only in the memories of the older members of the general public.

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