### Reasons #bitcoin Can't be Used for Blockchain Games I already kne ...

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Reasons #bitcoin Can't be Used for Blockchain Games

I already knew some of the reasons but @balaz puts them elegantly in this Readcash post.

From the blockchain speed & the transaction fees to the lack of Smart Contracts #technology.

#leofinance #blockchaingaming #stem

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rofl, every single attribute

Yup! Ethereum has all the differences that make it possible.

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A different cat breed is obviously on the track to becoming the most adopted digital project of all time. Counted by the number of people who actually developed on/at it and its countless forks.

Hope you're talking about #hive. (Wink.)


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I think game developers don't do this because they think the price of Bitcoin will go up too high.
So I think that's their idea.

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No, that would be the opposite... They could make the game give in USD values (like faucets) and the BTC price getting higher would be their advantage, not a disadvantage.

Everything else is what prevents them from doing it.

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So lightning doesn’t count?

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