Watched **"Don't use VPN!"** It actually advices you **to be smart abo ...

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Watched "Don't use VPN!" It actually advices you to be smart about using VPN Services! Important info about what a VPN can & can't do!

I knew most of those already though~

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Well he summed it up. A VPN doesn't solve all the issues if you are an idiot so make sure you use common sense.

Yeah, nothing can cure stupidity...

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hehe, VPN providers play it smart with selling 'privacy' and 'security' for subscriptions. It's important to know what a VPN can do and what it can't before signing up...

To be fair, they do sell security and privacy and most of them don't lie... They just don't tell you the extent of the security they're selling & most people tend to imagine impossible things.

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that's right. It depends on who users want to "see" their network activity: the ISP/local admin/... or a VPN provider. I guess it depends on everyones situation on who to trust more.