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#dbuzz30 V Day 9:

Do you think that Bitcoin will last forever?


I don't think it will survive until all 21 million #coins are mined either...

Considering how fast #technology is improving, I think something will come & dethrone #bitcoin.

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Do you think it will die after getting dethroned from Pos1?

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No, I don't think it'll die as long as blockchain tech keeps being used even if $Bitcoin stopped being on the Top 10. I'm thinking something huge might come out and make it obsolete.

If that thing was Cryptocurrencty 2.0 & Bitcoin migrated to it, is it the same Bitcoin?


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Probably it is, depending on the definition of evolution you use. Your explanation makes me think of Quantum Crypto Bitcoin. That could be a 2035 thing to come.

I do think Bitcoin will survive to 2035, but if it's supposed to be there for 100 years? I don't think so.

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wOa, what will? xE

That's what makes me confident!!!

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I wonder what was this guy trying to make...

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