Creativity is a Curse. Probably...

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Creativity is a Curse. Probably

I posted about this speech before, but I had conversations about #creativity today, especially with @shakavon

...It's not all good being creative, it's Fun, but most money-making IS NOT in #creative work!


Totally correct! I taught design for like 20 years. Creativity can be trained, but it is a lifestyle commitment. Raymond Loewy talks about MAYA, or the "most advanced yet acceptable" solution. You can only be about two steps ahead of your target audience.

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Hmm, that's interesting.
I think creativity is a very good thing most of the time, even always.

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I do think that too, but as he said in the video, it comes with challenges that's hard for "non-creatives" to imagine.

By the way, I think this mostly applies to people who are obsessed with creation, those who find joy only in exploring their ideas.

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Interesting. I think once you reach the peak of your creative stage, you might have gain mastery or I'm i wrong?

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The type of creative people this video is arguing for, are the ones who are not happy with mastering something, they move to something else they're not masters of. (I know because I have something like that.) They create new things whether or not the world needs them.

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But yeah, once you reach mastery, you might be able to make Big things happen, but how many creative people reach that stage?

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